About the Alliance

Evanston’s heritage resources are vitally important, binding its residents to their physical environment, and defining the City’s unique character and identity. However, Evanston’s living heritage remains largely underrepresented and vulnerable from threats such as improper alterations, increasing rent structures, changes in the market economy, and corresponding development pressures.

The purpose of the Legacy Business Program is to celebrate, advocate for, and retain Evanston’s living heritage as embodied through the legendary businesses which contribute significantly to the City’s historic, cultural, economic, or social identity.

The new Legacy Business Program has four distinct goals:

Strengthen the local economy and the capacity to build resiliency within Evanston’s business districts by creating support networks and mentoring new entrepreneurs and businesses.

Preserve and celebrate the City’s unique character and living heritage

Foster civic pride and promote the health, wellbeing, and general welfare of Evanston residents

Be a tool for providing educational, promotional, and financial assistance to Legacy Businesses to support their continued viability and success

Meet Mark Jones of Saville Flowers & Gifts!

Meet one of our Legacy Business owners Mark Jones of Saville Flowers & Gifts, located at 1714 Sherman Ave. and established in 1942. Watch our video interview to learn more about him and the business- then stop by and visit them for all your flower and plant needs!

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