Belgian Chocolatier Piron

Established: 1983 Business Type: Specialty Food Known For: Belgian-style chocolates

Belgian Chocolatier Piron, Inc., is a Belgian Chocolate shop. Our chocolates are made fresh in our Evanston kitchen, using Callebaut chocolate imported from Belgium and pralines, fruits and flavors sourced throughout the world. Bob Piron, our Master Chocolatier, returned to his family’s homeland, accepting an apprenticeship in Antwerp, Belgium with one of Belgium’s most renowned Master Chocolatiers. It was a true apprenticeship, where labor was exchanged for knowledge. His mother joined him and learned the packaging and front store.

In 1983, Belgian Chocolatier Piron, Inc. opened its kitchen in the basement of a medical building, doing private label work for Nestle, Hormel and Crate & Barrel. News spread quickly, and the business took off. Needing more space, and wanting to be closer to home, Bob returned to Evanston where Neville Sargeant Art Galleries had just closed. With his architecture background, and an Evanston General Contractor’s license, Bob and family built the kitchen and retail store,
opening at 509 Main Street in Evanston in 1986. Bob’s brother, Fred, joined in 1995 as business continued to grow. Entering our 40th year serving Chicago and the North Shore, we continue to provide handmade artisanal small-batch chocolates that you would find in a small town in Belgium. We import a few items that meet our quality standards from Belgium and France, though the majority of our products are made in-house.