Bennison’s Bakery

Established: 1938 Business Type: Bakery Known For: European style pastries, cookies, and custom decorated cakes

Larry Bennison brought his baking savvy to Evanston from Janesville, Wisconsin in 1938. His “Dairy State” roots led to high quality offerings in the bakery, made with cream, real butter, fresh buttermilk , and freshly cracked eggs.

Guy Downer, who had worked for Standard Brands and sold coffee to Bennison’s originally, purchased the bakery from the Bennison family in 1967 and took over operations, continuing on the traditions started by Larry Bennison and expanding the product line, while still maintaining the high quality that people had come to expect. In 1975 Guy’s son Jory came aboard, learning the craft from his father and attending culinary school and classes to improve his skill, eventually achieving the rank of Certified Master Baker from the Retail Bakery Association.

The Downer family is very proud of the high quality image that Larry left them with, and has maintained those same high standards. Guy and Jory still walk in flour covered shoes.