Cahill Plumbing

Established: 1889 Business Type: Plumbing Known For: Quality parts

Possessing only his plumbing trade, John J. Cahill immigrated to America from Dublin, Ireland in the 1880s. By the year 1890, our founder had opened his first plumbing shop in Chicago, quickly followed by shops all along the North Shore, including Evanston, IL where the company is headquartered today.

Between his commercial contracting business and residential customers, Cahill earned a reputation for hard work, quality work, and integrity. So much so that he was elected President of the Illinois Association of Plumbing Contractors in 1922. These core values—North Shore expertise and solid leadership—have been passed along through three Cahill generation, and counting. Whether you’ve lived in the North Shore area for some time, or have just recently relocated here, chances are you’ve spotted one of Cahill’s orange trucks in your neighborhood—a well-recognized symbol of quality and our commitment to the community. We are a family owned and trusted business serving the communities we helped build for 130 years.