Flader Plumbing

Established: 1918 Business Type: Plumbing Known For: Plumbing, heating and air conditioning

Flader Plumbing is a four generation family-owned and operated company that offers plumbing, heating and air conditioning sales, service and installation. The company was founded by Gottfried William Flader in 1918. His first office was located at 1922 Central Street, Evanston, IL. In 1920, it moved to 1918 Harrison Street where it remained until 1970 when Flader Plumbing & Heating moved to its current location.

Flader Plumbing was one of the few companies to remain open during the depression, serving the North Shore and building the reputation that has followed us over the 95 plus years we have been in business. In the 1940’s the business was featured in the March issue of Fortune Magazine as one of the 15,000 plumbers servicing homeowners and light commercial properties. Upon the death of Fred Flader, in the early sixties, Calvin Flader became
owner. When he retired in 1976, his two sons took over the business. Calvin remained a consultant until his death in 1985. William (3rd generation), and his son, Douglas (4th generation), are continuing the legacy of the business, bringing the same hard work philosophy and watch your “pennies” attitude
to the business. They pride themselves in giving their customers the best in service, material and labor.