Institute for Therapy Through the Arts

Established: 1975 Business Type: Non-profit Known For: Our belief all individuals should have access to mental health services regardless of their ability to pay.

ITA was founded in 1975 as a division of the Music Institute of Chicago and became an independent entity on September 1, 2015. The organization has experienced dramatic growth in recent years. Over the years, programs have targeted a range of services and locations–from private therapy offered in Evanston and Highland Park to public school-based programs in the south Chicago suburbs and has supported 70+ Chicago Public Schools over the past year. Over 45+ years, ITA has offered Creative Arts Therapies to treat 70,000+ individuals with psychological challenges, neurological dysfunction, physical impairments and developmental delays

ITA’s mission is to empower individuals, families, and communities to grow and heal through advanced approaches in Creative Arts Therapy. It is our intention to set the standard for treatment, practice, and training within the field. Its vision is to create a world where limits are transcended and possibilities for growth and healing are expanded. When people struggle to find the right path to wellness, ITA offers Creative Arts Therapy as a powerful tool for changing lives. Our clients have needs that were not able to be addressed through traditional forms of mental health care – they need a more active, “whole person” approach that considers their unique abilities, communication methods and learning styles. ITA’s services help children, adolescents, adults and seniors explore their emotions, improve self-esteem and social functioning, alleviate symptoms of anxiety and depression, cope with a physical illness or disability, manage addictions, relieve stress and support personal independence.