Oscar Isberian Rugs

Established: 1920 Business Type: Retail Known For: Quality, handmade oriental rugs

Oscar Isberian Rugs provides new as well as antique oriental rugs to private and corporate clients throughout Chicagoland and to customers across the United States. In addition to an extensive selection of both large and small handwoven rugs, Oscar Isberian Rugs also maintains a full gallery of broadloom possibilities for creating wall-to-wall installations and custom area rugs.

In 1920, with eight rugs and a wheeled cart, Oscar Isberian and his brother, Megerditch, co-founded Oscar Isberian Rugs. The brothers traveled the world, discovering towns and villages where rug weaving was a way of life. They brought back the best of what they found to ultimately be sold in their shop which grew into Chicagoland’s premier retailer of oriental rugs. Today, the third generation of brothers runs the family business. Experts in their craft, Oscar and Sarkis Tatosian now also travel the world for artisan rugs that are then made available in their Chicagoland showrooms.